10 Tips to Improve the Impact of your Ads!

There’s no guaranteed formula for creating a perfect “unicorn” ad. However, learning from best practices and continuously testing/refining, one can master the art of Ad-Creation.

Here are some quick tips and tricks that will help your ads to improve Click-Through Rate (CTR) and Quality Score (QS) of your Keywords.

1. Exclamation Points (!) & Question Marks(?) – USE THEM!
You are limited to one exclamation point in your ad description. Make sure you use it!
As for question marks, they can be used either in ad’s description or headline. But it’s in the headline where they shine and can provide an extra punch and attract more attention.

2.Use Numbers, Currencies and %
Use numbers, with currencies or a percentage sign, in order to make your ads stand out and provide your brand with increased credibility – 100% of the time!

3. Make sure to use words (or close synonyms) from your Keywords
Your goal is to be maximally relevant and provide exactly what your users are looking for. This is especially relevant for ad description texts for desktop ads, as words that appear in the search query will be bolded in your ads. Even if it is a boring process to adjust all of your ads, at least its profitable!

4. Headlines are the highest priority!
Headlines 1 and 2 are the first items noticed by users. Take time to create them and make sure that they grab everyone’s attention!
Due to ever-shortening attention spans, most users don’t read past the headlines, so make certain to optimize and test them first. If time is short, and you’re looking for the biggest impact – focus on your headlines!

5. CTA (Call-To-Action) in the headline
Although you can’t use an exclamation point in your headlines, you can still make a major impact utilizing a Call-To-Action. It’s surprising how CTA’s improve results. See for yourself!

6. Relevant Final URLs
Go the extra mile and determine that your ads are using the most relevant final URL to users’ search queries. You lose customers with every additional click – minimize this quick, E.g.: when someone searches for “Nike sports shoes”, they should land on a relevant page which shows Nike Air shoes, and not on the store’s main page or a miscellaneous sport-shoe category page.

7. Maximize extensions
The more extensions you have, the more real estate your ad occupies in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). It’s best to invest the time to add all possible extension types to your account. Moreover, adding extensions on an Account Level will guarantee they will be shown for all campaigns.

Structured snippet extension: You can add additional extension types. You are not limited to only one. Sometimes your ad will be shown with multiple types of snippets at the same time.

Sitelink extension: Be certain to fill in the 1st and 2nd description lines, not only the sitelink text. When your Quality Score is high enough, Google will show expanded sitelinks with your ads.

8. Several Ads per Adgroup
Aim to have at least three different ads in each Adgroup, especially if you use ad rotation optimization. We heard this tip straight from Google – we decided it was worth a try.

9. A/B testing
When testing your ads, make sure all variants have a common denominator. This way you’ll know which part of your ad made the difference and performed better, E.g.: use the same description while testing different ideas for Headline 1 – after finding the winning headline, test different ideas for Headline 2, then follow with optimizing the description with your proven Headlines.

10. Don’t use all your space
If you have a line or phrase that sounds great, it’s unnecessary to add additional words because character spaces remain. If you can deliver your message effectively and succinctly – test it out and measure how it performs (contrary to popular opinion advising otherwise)!

Time Management
Using automation for bid and budget management will increase your time to concentrate on ad testing and optimization. Let AdScale do the heavy lifting while you maximize results!

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